This article describes what support to expect and how to access support regarding the Bestseller Retail Integration Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV®.

The solution is build to optimize the administrative tasks involved with the finance and reporting requirements to be met by the stores and partners.

In order to meet these requirements the solution contains some adjusted functionality for the standard solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV® in order to meet the specific demands from the organisation.

In order to get help using functionality either in standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Bestsller Retail Integration Add-on you have a number of options, depending how and where you purchased the solution.

Partner Online Help E-mail based support Phone Support Online Support
Bestseller IT NAV Team Press F1 ServiceNow +45 99 42 45 50 ServiceNow
Cmcs ApS Press F1 Support +45 93 50 93 06 Support
Other partners Contact your partner

To get help on standard Navision functionality, please consult the Navision help function (F1). This will bring you to the installed Online Help Portal locally at your site (only valid for 4.x versions of add-on).
This online help should provide most of the information you may require.

If you need further assistance, please use the above mentioned methods of contacting your partner.

As new versions of Bestseller Retail Integration Add-on and/or  Microsoft Dynamics NAV is released it is the plan to support these new versions in a timely fashion. If you have requirements about the version support, please contact your partner and any requirements can be addressed as per our agreement.

Currently these are the released versions and the versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that they support/require.

Version Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version
3.20 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (v. 6.00.33572) Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Cumulative Update 1 objects
4.10 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 CU5 (v. 8.0.40262.0) Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 CU2 (v. 8.0.38798) objects